Creating a Digital Presence

Teaching is a journey and technology holds much promise for teachers to document this journey and create a professional teaching portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge, skills and expertise.

The day I lost all my teaching materials to a flood in my home is the day I went digital.  My advice to new teachers is to begin their journey with a digital log to showcase what they know and have accomplished.  From knowledge about classroom management to expertise on assessment every teacher has something to share and sharing is possible with technology.  
Teachers need to let go of the hope that a resume can make you stand out in a crowd.
The resume is flat and does little to demonstrate what you know, understand and are able to do.  In this presentation I share best practices on starting a website or blog and how to build a professional learning network on Twitter and Facebook Groups.  

Got a blog to share with our teacher community? Post a comment with your blog URL or Twitter handle.

Ready to Flip: 3 Cool Tools to Create a Screencast

The Flipped Classroom is increasingly popular giving instructors the flexibility to create recorded lectures so that students can watch at home.  This saves valuable classroom time for students to work collaboratively and engage in face-to-face discussions.  Screen Capturing is also a way I flip my assignments from traditional paper to student recorded presentations for all classmates to watch, view and give peer feedback.

My Top Screen Casting tools are FREE and Functional:

Quicktime Player: If you are an Apple User like me all you need to do is press the COMMAND button and SPACE Bar to search for Quick Time.  You will have three options:Movie Recording: Records you from your video cameraScreen Capture: records whatever you have and are doing on your computerAudio Capture: records your voice great for podcasts.Screencastomatic: Free tool that is webbased and gives you 15 minutes of capturing time to record a presentation or information on the web.  Whatever you have on your computer i…

5 Awesome Web Tools for Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming ideas is the start of the writing process and no matter the subject you teach or the grade level of your learners students need to generate ideas.  I get my best ideas when I am running or out in the woods but that is not always possible in a classroom.  Give your students some space to create, think and process.

Web tools can support your learners by creating a visual mapping with images, videos and lots of color to engage, support and create.

Here are my top 5 webtools for brainstorming:

Popplet: this tool creates bubbles in realtime to insert images, video and text.  Arrows are easily insert by you to connect ideas.  Best of all students can collaborate in real time on multiple devices.  A great choice for elementary students. create mind maps that are connected by text in a spacious organizer to really go deep with ideas that will take your students to the next step in the writing process. Padlet: a whiteboard tool with more space to create and collaborate…

Videos, Images and Widgets to Enhance your Blog: Top 8 Widgets for Educators

There are additional features of blogging that can enhance your webpage.  You can add images, videos, widgets and additional pages. 

Images are important to include as it creates a context for the reader and can help explain an idea or demonstrate a concept.

Videos not only allow the user to see what you are doing, but the user can watch multiple times thus allowing the reader to learn at their own pace.  

Widgets are tools that are embedded into your blog that give your blog additional functionality.  For example you can insert a Calendar widget to allow readers to see your schedule, availability and upcoming events.  Here are the top eight widgets I recommend for educators:  

Box: Give your students a space to submit documents to you directly.Blog Roll: Make a list of all the blogs you follow or follow all of your students blogs and have a quick link on your blog.Countdown Clock: Count down to an important event in your school year such as summer break or an upcoming performance!Google …

Twitter for Education: How to Put Twitter in your Website

I know it sounds cliche to say creating a Twitter feed on your blog is "cool" but once you have been blogging for sometime learning about the functionality and features you can create on your blog makes you want to take your blog to the next level.  

Twitter feeds are a collection of links to articles you share on the twitter site.  This can include your articles or other news and events that you have "retweeted" to share with your "followers".   

For those who are unfamiliar with Twitter once you create an account you can follow other people to see what they are posting about in your timeline.  You can also use the #hashtag symbol to post or find posts related to a topic.  Here are the top twenty hashtags in education 

#BlendedLearning#CCChat (Common Core Chat)#CCSS (Common Core State Standards)#CommonCore#CompetencyEd#Curriculum#DeeperLearning#DigLN#EarlyEd#EdApp#EdChat#EdData#EdLeaders#EdPolicy#EdReform#EdTech#EdTechChat#Edu#Education#Educhat
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